The Unexpected.

17966662_1119549504858584_5525785123952043716_oWell, here we are on April 25th, 2017. I never thought I actually would travel. I am terrified of airports, and I dislike driving. But, here I am one thousand and eighty-six miles away from my home and one thousand, one hundred and seventy-five miles away from the bit of my family that I still stay in contact with. I had traveled from Hagerstown, MD to Omaha, NE.

I was feeling hopeless, and I was tired of relying on people. My background for a job was dull, and living off a minimum wage while trying to raise a little girl who wants the world, doesn’t help. I was residing in the ghetto in the community housing, and I didn’t want to go outside because everyone was already out there, and some of my neighbors were pretty annoying. Then, I had finally gotten some hours at my old job, Appalachian Field Services. I was feeling a little better about life doing something, and that they linked up with a non-profit organization called Ladders to Leaders made me feel like I was doing something useful with my life, so I volunteered for a bit.

I do not want to just ramble about my boyfriend, Phil, but he helped me come to the decision that it is time to try something new and try to grow myself even more than I have in the past five years. He is originally from California, and he moved to Nebraska for many reasons, and one of them being it was so much cheaper. He shot that idea at me during the beginning of our relationship, and I shut it down quicker than I could blink my eyes because I had no clue what this, Nebraska, was like and I’ve come to the conclusion that I do not like change.

Months passed, and I found out three days before Christmas that I was expecting a little one. (He’s a boy, in case you were wondering.) I made a small box out of cardboard scraps with a transparent lid, so he did not have to touch my pee stick. (he did anyways.) I gave it to him a day or 2 before Christmas. Three months later we were getting stressed, and I said fine let’s try Omaha since he had kept up all the benefits of moving there, after I had researched this mysterious, supposedly, fantastic place.

We scheduled our flight for April 22nd, 2017 in Washington, DC and had gotten in contact with one of Phil’s friends, so we had somewhere to go. Phil had a roommate in Nebraska, and that is who he contacted. He had agreed to us moving in while paying rent of course. So, there the move was.. was set in stone.

I do not know if I am the only one that feels this way, but I am more afraid of an airport than an airplane. I believe I feel this way because you can get lost, or be late and miss a flight. But, when you are on a plane you are set on a destination all that you have to do is sit back and try to relax. There could be anxiety because there is the thought that if the plane did happen to crash, but you can’t avoid it, so there is no reason to stress over it.

But, we arrived at the airport, and my daughter distracted me most of the time, since she needed tending to, and required to use the bathroom. I had set destinations with clear signs, and I knew where to go. After we had gone through security, which wasn’t as dreadful as people make it out to be, we continued to wait for almost 2 hours for our plane. My daughter was excited, and I am not going to lie I was too. The airport experience was almost over.

We boarded the plane, and when we were going to our seats, it was more cramped than I had expected. You’d think with the carry-ons and the children; they’d give us another couple of inches. I was shaking; I am not going to lie. Whether it was because it was raining and quite cold, or the adrenaline coursing through my body, I am not sure. The take off might have been what I did not like the most.
18121279_1119551458191722_775343251820508859_oI hate the feeling of my stomach rising, or falling. It was a good thing I could still feel my seat because I may have panicked, but it honestly felt no different from going on a roller-coaster, so I was all right. About an hour and a half way through my flight my butt was cramping and I were ready to get off, so was my daughter. She kept asking about landing for the 30 minutes before we arrived. I had a movie on, and she continued to look out the window awaiting our destination to see what our new place would be like. As we landed it felt like my soul was being taken from my body, but not on a freak out level. We get off our plane, and I started to shake again, the anxiety of a new location and the airport was not fun, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Our ride was here, and it was time to visit our new home.


On the ride to our new house, which was only about 20 minutes away. The scenery from the airport for about 5 minutes looked similar to Washington, DC. After the 5 minutes, it felt as if we were going through a nicer version of Baltimore, MD. About 10 minutes later we ended up in our neighborhood, It reminded me of the north end of Hagerstown, but the houses seemed smaller and kind of cute. The roads showed more signs of damage although the roads were fixed. I had researched and was told that some seasons weren’t the greatest with the weather, and that would explain the roads. You think that Hagerstown has a lot of hill in some places, but here, every other block is another hill. We pulled in front of our new house a little three bedroom yellow house with ivy growing up the right-hand side. The best feature in my opinion, but the house has a lot of character, and I like that. Oh, and it has a backyard for my daughter to play in! Before we had maybe a 5′ x 10′ lot of land that wasn’t gated and was shared with the neighbor.


My daughter is now enrolled in school; she started today. I can not wait to hear how she liked her school since the last few month before we moved she was acting out and was telling me how much she did not like her school. The school is a lot smaller, and the staff signs for the deaf, which I admit is cool. Compared to her other school, Bester Elementary, she now has a computer lab, and the teachers are so outgoing and friendly. When we went in to check it out her classroom, they were counting to 150, and I believe that the school she was going to is behind compared to her new school, Washington Elementary. (Go Wildcats!) So, she has a lot of learning to do this summer.


I have thought about writing in the past because I do enjoy it when I know what I want to write about, and this was a brand new start to an adventure in a new chapter of this book called life. Now, I have to try to find a good doctor and dentist for my daughter and me. Phil has a job. He starts Wednesday, and I am hunting, and wondering if anyone will hire me because I am pregnant. So, we will see. So far, I like this change, and my decision to move. We shall see!